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Taramani is an Very Emotionally Draining Film – Andrea

By on August 11, 2017

Andrea Jeremiah just a bold actress also an intelligent to select a movie like “Taramani”. She shares her screen with debutant actor Vasanth Ravi, Directed by Ram with Yuvan Shanker Raja Music.

Actress Speaking about “Taramani”, She Says, “Director Ram Sir met me very few times and the movie just fell into place. At that time, it didn’t come out to me that I was playing a bold role. Going by Audience Point.I’d have to tell my character in the Movie seems a lot bolder than what I thought. Ram sir gave me lots space to bring my own body language & energy to the character. This Film was a very emotionally draining film for me. Always I enjoy working with a people who respect me as an artist and respect my time too, and for me, Ram sir did both. I love his way of filmmaking. He always keeps things as real & raw as possible. He is a director who engages his actors in conversation rather than giving instructions”.

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