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Endhirida Kaipulla – Short Film | Bench Culture

By on April 26, 2016
Endhirida Kaipulla Stills

Bench Culture Releases ‘Endhira Kaipulla’- a short film directed by Shameer Sultan

Kai pulla is the most popular term in addressing somebody who is vulnerable to attack in any form from anybody. This name is drawn from the popular actor Vadivelu who is the house hold name in Tamil Nadu. ‘Bench Culture’ has named their next short film directed by Shameer Sultan, as ‘Endhira Kaipulla’.

This film is depicting the rather lethargic life of a boy. Mocked by his friends as someone who has never woken up to witness the sunrise, this short film comically portrays his arduous struggle to wake up in the morning. Using early morning cricket as a motivation, he tries to muster the ability to wake up in time for the match (as he confidently boasts he would), to prove to his friends. As the summer holidays sets in and with IPL matches around that deprives the sleeping hours in the night ‘Endhira Kaipulla’ will be a sure hit among those who are awake, those who are woken and those who wake others up.

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